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Phasing Out CSTWORLD v1.0

Introduction The CST website, cstworld.com v1.0 is upgrading support, ending it’s service for v1.0 by introducing v2.0 to replace v1.0. Phasing out v1.0 means to introduce a ‘Dynamic Web Service’ designed for customers with login access, and an ‘all-in-one’ services. Progressive Design We focused the new design on the user and their experience. Based on our design philosophy for ‘simplicity’, we look

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Internet Services (ISP)

Internet Service can be broken down into: DSL ADSL SDSL Satellite Dialup Mobile The interconnections through an ‘Internet Service Provider’ (ISP), provides the media connection (internet signals) across cities and towns in different area’s. The ISP’s connects their services directly from an ‘Exchange Hub’, traditionally Exchange Hubs connects to a backbone infrastructure which carries copper

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The 'ITIL' Framework

What is the ITIL Framework and why use it for business?

The ITIL was developed by UK government to reduce IT Service bottlenecks and improve service efficiency.
A business that adopts an ITIL infrastructure is better competitively positioned and advantaged to deliver it’s business targets.

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Computer Networks Backbone Services.

For a business that runs an office building and is looking to gain better performance for their end-to-end users, then this article breaks down the complex components into basic services.

You begin by designing your network with a few basics

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